Video Production Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget

In our video on “Do-it-Right Email Marketing,” we give tips on how to be successful at engaging your client base through email, starting with building your list properly and guiding you all the way through the completion of your campaign.



One of the tips we touch on is that in email marketing, content really matters. Email provides a wealth of opportunity to share information about your business, tell stories, link to valuable sources, and truly make a connection with your contacts. One factor that works particularly well in engaging your audience is the inclusion of videos in your email campaigns.

The Benefits of Video

Many organizations use video to stand out from their competitors, adding a professional flair and visual stimulation to their email marketing. Videos draw viewers in – and people find them infinitely more interesting than reading a block of text. They also save a great deal of time, allowing you to deliver a large amount of information to clients (or prospects) very quickly.

Incorporating video into an email doesn’t just look nice and save time; it also helps generate more opens and clicks. A survey by the Relevancy Group found that 55% of marketers who used videos in their email campaigns saw higher click-through rates. 44% of respondents noted that their list subscribers spent more time on an email with a video embedded. Using video also encouraged readers to share and forward emails, with 41% of respondents reporting that more of their audience had passed an email on to others.

Affordable Video Production Options

Despite the promising numbers, businesses are often hesitant to make videos a part of their email marketing campaigns. For some, this is due to skepticism that the use of video will have a significant return on investment. Others are concerned about the cost associated with the production of video content.

Of course, the best option is always to invest a bit of money and secure the services of a professional video production company to ensure that you get a high-quality product that will make the best impression on your email contacts. For companies who are unable or unwilling to do this, there are other options that can still provide you with an attractive marketing video.

One option is film and edit the video yourself. With today’s smartphone and computer technology, you don’t even need to purchase additional equipment. You can use a couple of iPhones (one to film and one placed closer to better catch the audio) and sync/edit it all together via iMovie on a Mac. Of course, this will demand time to learn how to properly use the software in order to achieve a clean, professional-looking result.

Webcam videos are another popular choice, but you’ll need to invest in a high-quality webcam rather than relying on the one installed in your computer. You may also consider making a screen share video. Both of these types of videos will allow you to address your audience directly or demonstrate a product. As with the first option, it’s essential that you take the time to learn to properly utilize the equipment and software so that you don’t end up with a video that looks as though it was shot by an amateur.

The internet is filled with animated videos these days, and if working with cameras and editing equipment sounds intimidating, you can simply hire someone to create one of these for your company. Whether your message is short and simple or long and complex, explainer videos are wonderful for capturing your audience’s attention and telling them exactly what you need them to know.

If you haven't considered incorporating videos into your email content, it’s time to retool your strategy and start smiling for the camera. Whether you’re putting in time, money, or both to create videos for your email marketing campaigns, in the end, it’s an investment that pays off.