Why You Should Be Re-purposing Your Email Marketing Content on LinkedIn

The quest to produce fresh, relevant, and interesting content for your business audience is — let’s face it — never-ending. Over time, it can become challenging and you can begin running short on ideas. Re-purposing your content between your emails, blogs, and social media accounts will make life easier and extend your reach.

One platform many businesses neglect is LinkedIn Publishing. Like most social media networks, LinkedIn is constantly undergoing changes, and many business owners are unaware of the opportunity to put their brand out there using this valuable tool.

What Is LinkedIn Publishing?

LinkedIn Publishing is a platform that allows members to contribute articles for others to read, like, share, or comment on. While businesses can’t publish articles via their company pages, an organization’s members can use their personal pages to publish content to promote their company’s brand. This will help personalize your organization by bringing the leadership and team to the forefront. It will also help establish your company as a thought leader in your industry, as well as enhance your credibility.

In addition to written content, you can also upload photos and videos to your published articles. This provides an excellent opportunity to repurpose infographics, videos, and photos from your email content to enhance your LinkedIn articles.

What About LinkedIn Slideshare?

Another tool that enables you to move content out beyond your company’s email list is SlideShare. Business Insider has deemed LinkedIn SlideShare the “YouTube for PowerPoints.” From fantastic presentations to useful documents and infographics, SlideShare can help bring visibility to your brand and services.

One key benefit of SlideShare is that its content appears in internet search results. If you optimize your slides with keywords throughout the text, file name, title, description, and tags, your content will be visible to those who are searching for it (and anyone who happens to run across it on LinkedIn) as well as an even wider internet audience.

Spinning New Content from the Old

Repurposing email content is more than simply reposting what you’ve already written. It means taking old content and spinning it into something fresh. You might take information presented in an email and turn it into an infographic or an interesting video. Consider taking listicles or short blog posts and turning them into SlideShare presentations that attract potential clients who are more likely to watch content than read it. It’s tough to continually generate new ideas, so make sure you’re getting the most out of the ones you’ve already developed.

Use Your Feedback as a Springboard

The publishing platform on LinkedIn provides an exciting opportunity to interact with your audience. Make sure to reach out, respond, engage, and ask questions when people comment, like, or share your content.

More than just generating potential leads and new contacts, these interactions can stimulate ideas for fresh content. That’s what social media engagement strategist Bruce Kasanoff discovered during his time writing and publishing 500 articles on LinkedIn. If your potential clients have questions about a product or topic you’ve addressed, this offers a segue into an entirely new article or presentation that will address those questions. Conversation around that topic is likely to generate even more content...and the cycle goes on and on.

Re-purposing email content on LinkedIn will help you utilize this social media platform to its fullest potential. By doing so, you’ll be visible to people and companies who are searching for your products or services and you’ll make connections with potential clients. Rather than simply creating a company page and letting it sit, having your company’s members publish on LinkedIn is a much more dynamic way of marketing your business.