Building an Effective Contact Us Page for Your B2B Organization

A B2B company's website is its virtual brochure that lays out all the relevant information about its products and services. However, in the quest to promote their services, B2B companies often overlook a crucial piece of information that impacts their business more than they give it credit—the Contact Us Page.

Therefore, as a B2B marketer, it’s important to understand that the Contact Us Page of your company’s website is more relevant than you think. It’s not merely a must-have page on your website; it also shows your company’s openness to personally engage with clients and address their concerns.

Most modern-day B2B companies are leveraging their Contact Us Page to build trust with their customers. So if your website does not have a contact-us page yet, there’s a chance you may end up losing customers and prospects to your competitors. Customers will naturally go with their better judgment of getting associated with a company they can trust or has "nothing to hide."

The Benefits of Adding a Contact Us Page to Your Website

A Contact Us Page can help customers and prospects get in touch with you for their concerns and queries regarding your products and services.

Merely having a Contact Us Page on your company’s website can indicate your efforts to support your customers and enhance their experience with your business. How quickly you contact a customer and address their concerns after receiving their contact form submission can also cast a lasting impression on them and enhance customer loyalty.

An impactful and informative Contact Us Page (just like an effective landing page) can drive more traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.

A customer or prospect will not make the effort to reach out to you if they do not want to associate with you. Thus, equipping them with your contact details is an effortless way of beginning the lead nurturing process.

Remember, your Contact Us Page is also an opportunity to get in touch with warm leads and start trying to convert them into buyers.

Showcasing misinformation (e.g., an old address) on the Contact Us Page or missing critical information altogether can backfire on you. It can make or break a customer’s or prospect’s decision to partner with you.

Per research, 50% of marketers say inbound marketing strategies, such as onsite contact forms, are their primary source of leads.

Finally, customers are more respectful and trusting of a company's integrity if it has open communication channels. After all, they would not want to submit their personal and sensitive information to a dubious company.

6 Tips For Creating an Impactful Contact Us Page

Here are some quick tips to create a Contact Us Page that will make an impact.

Keep It Simple

Your B2B company’s Contact Us Page should fulfill its purpose, i.e., provide your company's contact details.

Customers and prospects probably do not have the time or patience to dig through unnecessary fluff before landing on the contact details.

Additionally, keep your contact forms limited, asking only a few relevant questions, as customers and prospects typically do not want to invest a lot of time in completing long-winded forms.

We also recommend including your business hours unless you have a 24/7 customer support team.

Provide Multiple Contact Channels

You never know if a customer or prospect prefers calls, emails, or an in-person visit. Therefore, you need to cater to the diverse needs of customers.

Simply mentioning your contact number or email address may not help your customers. We also recommend adding your full address, fax number (if you have one), links to social media pages, and other available modes of contact.

Avoid Grammatical or Typographical Errors

It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many Contact Us pages have errors. Content-related errors on the Contact Us Page can put your customers in a daze about the accuracy of your contact information. Check your contact details thoroughly before uploading them on your website.

Offer Self-Serve Options

Many B2B companies are using self-serve contact alternatives for customers, such as FAQs, resource links, and artificial intelligence (AI) assistants. Such options put aside the need for customer reps and allow customers to quickly resolve their problems and concerns.

Self-serve options are more beneficial when customers need help beyond determining a company's business hours or when connecting with a customer rep is taking longer than expected.

Adopt a Tone That Best Suits Your Business

For your website’s Contact Us Page, you can use a formal and concise style of writing or a more friendly and engaging one.

The tonality of your Contact Us Page will depend on how you want to project your company’s image to your customers and prospects.

Offer Reassurance

A few reassuring words go a long way in showing the customers that you care. Engaging in empathic content by using phrases like, "We're here to help you" or “Reach us here in a jiffy” can help build positive rapport with your customers and connect with them