How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

In a recent blog, we discussed crafting a robust LinkedIn Summary to make your profile a lead generation magnet. But that’s only the beginning. If you want to effectively use LinkedIn for B2B marketing purposes, you’ve got to dig deeper into the platform's features.

If you are a B2B marketer, it is crucial to reach first-rate audiences to create qualified leads. More and more B2B marketers are relying on LinkedIn ads to reach their targets. LinkedIn ads offer effective ways to achieve your marketing goals. Whether your focus is demand generation or brand awareness, LinkedIn offers B2B marketing solutions that suit your needs.

LinkedIn provides B2B marketers with large, business-oriented audiences as well as a variety of methods to filter and find the right prospects. In fact, 59% of marketers use LinkedIn to generate B2B leads, and 78% rate LinkedIn as the most effective social media platform to help their business achieve specific marketing goals. Even better, 97% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for their content marketing efforts.

You may think that a social media platform is the wrong place to find and generate B2B leads, but research shows that LinkedIn brings in over 80% of a business’ social media leads. All other social media sites combined bring in only about 19% of the leads, while 45% of social media traffic to a business’ homepage comes from LinkedIn.

So, for bottom-line revenue impact, brand awareness, and qualified lead generation, LinkedIn B2B marketing is the way to go. Here’s how to get started.

3 Great Tips for LinkedIn B2B Marketing

1. Market Your Ads to Lookalike Audiences

With LinkedIn’s upgraded ad targeting options, you can easily reach the right audience. Lookalike audience targeting helps you reach audiences who are similar to your target customers.

Benefits of Lookalike Audience 

  • Get better results — Broaden the reach of your B2B marketing campaigns to more qualified prospects.
  • Reach better-converting audiences — Find audiences similar to those who are already interested in your company.
  • Capture new target accounts — Make your ad visible to new companies you may not have considered before. These companies would match the profile of your prospects.

According to LinkedIn, B2B marketers increased their campaign reach by 5-10 times and were successful in reaching audiences similar to their target audience.

2. Use Interest Targeting to Meet Your Campaign Goals

LinkedIn’s interest targeting is another exciting feature to use to reach users with ads relevant to their professional interests. You can reach audiences based on their activities on LinkedIn, the content they share, professional searches they perform on Bing, and the topics they follow.

There are more than 200 categories of professional interest such as customer experience, artificial intelligence, global economy, etc. You can make the most of interest targeting by creating personalized campaigns and reaching professional audiences that best suit your business.

With over 30% growth in LinkedIn sessions every year and exceptional levels of engagement, 40+ million decision makers and 600 million professionals invest effort and time to grow professional connections, stay up-to-date with industry trends, and imbibe new skills. So, you can use interest targeting to make the most of this steep rise in user activity to reach the right audience.

3. Leverage Pre-defined Audience Templates

Creating audiences is typically a time-consuming process for B2B marketers. Not anymore. LinkedIn provides B2B marketers with a collection of more than 20 pre-defined audience templates for B2B marketing campaigns.

The templates comprise audience characteristics such as job titles, industries, groups, proficiencies, skills, etc. All you need to do is pick any characteristic and filter the audience based on your selection.

Using audience templates, you can effectively and quickly reach professional audiences that are a good potential match for your business - without wasting time on complex setups. Even if you don’t find refined audiences, you can use the audience templates as bases for your campaign.

Want to do more with your LinkedIn B2B marketing? We’ve got the tools to help. Contact us today!