HubSpot Reports: The 5 Must-Have For B2B Companies

HubSpot continues to make B2B companies feel ever-powerful with its insightful marketing and sales reports. HubSpot reports allow you to monitor sales and marketing processes and continually improve them. They also help in developing effective and impactful solutions that align with your business goals.

Rooted in accuracy, these reports chart out data for you, so you can devise progressive action plans.

Let’s look at some interesting HubSpot sales and marketing reports that are must-have for any B2B company.

The Benefits of HubSpot Reports

Just like HubSpot Payments and HubSpot Workflows and Sequences, HubSpot Reports are essential sales and marketing tools for B2B companies.

HubSpot Reports provide B2B companies with an all-in-one sales and marketing solution with reliable analytics. You do not need any other additional tools to create a certain type of report.

Additionally, HubSpot’s dashboards, where you can see all your data, boast flexibility and customizability. There are hundreds of off-the-shelf reports, but you can customize and build custom reports per your analysis and evaluation requirements.

Overall, for your business, HubSpot reports can help you in:

  • Identifying, analyzing and evaluating areas that need more attention and improvements
  • Determining where you are excelling
  • Deciding what better approaches you can adopt to grow your conversions
  • Ensuring there’s no scope for a lapse in the records
  • Eliminating human data entry error
  • Monitoring every step of a sales or marketing process, from a possible sales opportunity to a closed deal
  • Reallocating your precious time from creating lengthy spreadsheets to other more demanding tasks.
  • Identifying grounds you can work on to avoid giving your competitor leverage


The 5 Must-Have HubSpot Reports for Your B2B Company

Before embarking on developing custom reports, there are several default HubSpot reports you will likely find useful, at least as a starting point. 

New Sales Opportunities Report

HubSpot’s New Sales Opportunities Report shows the data of new incoming leads or sales opportunities per month and by value.

This report can help in determining the business development team’s performance in a particular month. Using this report, you can assess and evaluate if your business development team achieved their lead generation targets (both in terms of quantity of leads and their total lead value) for a given period.

Deal Velocity Report

HubSpot’s Deal Velocity Report is one of the handiest sales tools you can own as a B2B company. It gives an idea of the average time taken by your sales team to close deals. The time is measured from the date of contact creation. It can also help you determine how long each lead stayed in each stage of the sales process, and challenges and obstacles faced by your sales team during the conversion process.

It’s not a lesser-known fact that the longer it takes for a deal to close, the higher the likelihood of it being lost.

Thus, if you notice the average days to close deals to be higher than the set value, you may want to rework your strategies to achieve a more reasonable sales-closure period.

Pipeline Velocity Report

In any sales process, every deal is associated with a stage. For example, “Closed,” “Open,” “Ongoing,” and so on. HubSpot’s Pipeline Forecast Report shows the detailed status of each deal and how likely it is to be converted into a sale.

It shows the total number of deals you have presently, the total number of deals entering the pipeline, and the total number of deals lost. By monitoring this data, you can draw up progressive or preventive plans as necessary.

Knowing your total deals and status of each deal is important to help you understand the current health of your sales pipeline. It’s also an effective way to look for challenges and obstacles because of which deals are potentially falling off during the sales process.

Sales Rep Activity Leaderboard

HubSpot’s Sales Rep Activity Leaderboard report showcases detailed data on your sales reps’ performances in a given period. As an indicator of their productivity, it evaluates their sales activity with reference to the total number of calls, emails, meetings, and other forms of follow-ups they have made on leads.

You can use this report to compare the performances of your sales reps with your B2B company’s goals, thus aligning the closed revenue with such individual sales activities.

You can also use this report to compare performances of different sales reps and encourage healthy competition among them.

Traffic Analytics

HubSpot’s Traffic Analytics reports can help you measure both the quantity and quality of your B2B company’s website traffic (as a whole or page-to-page basis).

With this report, you can analyze how each page on your website is performing. You can also identify which traffic sources bring in most leads, website sessions, and so on.

Developing custom reports is a complex endeavor. If you are using HubSpot and don't have the data you need to effectively monitor and measure your company's performance, please contact us for help.