Rebranding Your Company? Don’t Overlook This Step

A few weeks ago I received a small box in the mail. I didn’t recognize the sender's name or address but there was nothing suspicious-looking about the package so I opened it. (In this day and age, you should be a little cautious, right?)

Inside the box was a printed card, about 4" x 6", along with a product sample. The card said, “We've changed our name” and explained why the ABC Company was now XYZ Company. The product sample reflected the new identity of the company.

I opened the product sample and started munching on it. Same great taste, I thought, but will I remember the company's new name? It has nothing to do with their product line. The old name was idiot-proof. Any Tom, Dick or Harriet could see the name or logo of the company and know what they sell. Now the company wants customers to focus on their mission of giving to charity and their fundraising programs, so their new name reflects these activities. But will buyers remember their new name when they are thinking of giving an edible gift? I've only purchased their product once, and it's only available online -- not at the grocery store where I might see it every week.

One of our clients is about to rebrand its company to better promote its offerings. Everyone involved in the development of the new identity is excited. It was fun to brainstorm and choose a new name and weigh in on the new look. We realize, of course, that acceptance of the new brand from buyers won't be an overnight sensation.

The steps we will deploy to announce the change to current customers, inactive customers and prospects include a soft launch by email. Since studies show people first decide to open emails based on who they are from, then the subject line, these emails will be sent from the company name and email address buyers already know, like and trust. This ensures a higher open and click-thru rate than if we spread the word from an unrecognizable name. So as eager as the team is to shed its 40-year-old image, we know the importance of properly transitioning from the old brand to the new.