Are You Welcoming Your Target Audience?

Everyone likes to feel welcome and appreciated. There are hundreds of ways to show that with a welcome gift.

When my mother moved into an independent living community, she was given a blanket with the name of the senior community embroidered on it. She felt appreciated AND warm.

Car buying can seem like a numbers game, but my dealership welcomes all children with a stuffed bear. The kids are engaged and quiet, so that their parents can find the car that fits them best.

A client is planning a spring open house. Attendees, who are mostly referral sources, will receive a pot and seed packet that will sit on their desk.

Visitors to a booth at a construction related safety conference were given a safe and effective pizza cutter to target their audience where it helps.

There are hundreds of examples of ways to express gratitude and welcome through gifts. The key is to know the audience: Client, visitor, referral source or prospect?

Where do you want to be: on the desk, in the car, in the pocket or in the home?

Finally, what is the budget? The basic rule is the more that you spend, the longer the life of the gift and the greater chance that it will be used.

That is the key -- giving a gift that will be used and leave a positive impression of the giver. Promotional products and welcome gifts remain to be seen. It makes it easy to contact the giver for more business or to refer new business when their contact information is right at hand on a gift.

For ideas specific to your needs, please call Ken Dermer at REMRED Promotional Products at 847-677-1999 x22 or email