6 Benefits of Marketing Automation and How to Take Advantage of Them

Whatever products or services you sell, there are bound to be messages you send on a  recurring basis to prospects and/or clients. If you are sending them the old-fashioned way – as one-offs – you are creating too much more work for your marketing or sales team (or both). If you set your company free from monotonous, repetitive tasks and taking advantage of marketing automation, it will save time and money.

Leading businesses know the value of automation and use it to their advantage. 77% of CMOs from top-performing businesses are using marketing automation to grow their revenue. Here’s how.  

Marketing Automation Improves Customer Experience

Marketing automation allows you to send behavior-targeted emails, which help improve the customer experience. This means your campaigns are tailored to the audience and are automatically triggered to release when customers perform specific actions. These actions could include signing up for your email list on your website, filling a lead form to request a resource, browsing products or services and scheduling a call, etc.

A survey conducted by Econsultancy revealed that 93% of businesses have seen an improvement in their conversion rates using personalization. There are many platforms to choose from depending on your budget and needs. (In other words, there is no excuse for putting off implementing this technology!)

Marketing Automation Helps Expand the Scale and Scope of Campaigns

Do you have a small sales team with big goals to meet? Do they struggle to keep in touch and share ideas and information on an ongoing basis with your audience? If so, marketing automation was designed with your company in mind. It’s a far more efficient means of staying connected than manually creating and sending campaigns. So much so, you can reach well beyond the boundaries of what your team can do on an individual basis. Imagine having a series of email campaigns scheduled to release at set intervals over time for prospects at every stage of the buying cycle. The impact can be huge. And while it will require a lot of up front planning and development, it will be well worth the investment.

Marketing Automation Reduces Staff Costs

With marketing automation, you don’t need additional resources to perform ongoing, repetitive tasks. This helps you control your expenses and allocate your team’s time to activities that are more critical to your productivity and growth.  This leads to an improvement in the ROI of your human resources. 

Marketing Automation Makes Your Team More Accountable

All marketing automation solutions include robust reporting features. This functionality can help make your team members more accountable. Detailed reporting also means you can easily and continually monitor your marketing efforts and analyze to what extent they are supporting your sales team. Are your communications generating enough marketing qualified leads? You'll have reports that enable you to identify areas that require improvement.

Marketing Automation Minimizes Marketing Expenditure

One of the best things about marketing automation software is that it allows one person to wear multiple marketing hats. Not all marketing automation solutions have the same functionalities but most allow one person to schedule campaigns, respond to customer queries, share posts on social media, measure results, and more, without hampering their efficiency or productivity. Small, growing businesses with limited resources always appreciate how much power it gives them.

Marketing Automation Leads to Better Lead Management and Nurturing

If there's one thing most companies agree on, it's that leads aren't easy to obtain. So, once you have quality leads, it’s essential to manage them efficiently and work toward converting them into sales. This is where the significance of lead management and lead nurturing comes into the picture.

Once a prospect shows interest in your business, you are responsible for keeping them engaged until they are ready to buy. With a marketing automation program in place, you don’t need to write and send personal follow-up emails – let alone set up reminder tasks in your calendar to reach out periodically. What you will be free to do is look ahead, and focus on your ongoing strategy for growing the business.

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