Are You Ready to Run Your First Inbound Marketing Campaign?

You've come a long way since you first heard about Inbound Marketing. You studied the methodology; evaluated your industry, products and budget and determined it was right for your business; selected your platform; and assembled your team.  Now it's time to develop your first campaign.

Steps to Follow to Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign

Nail down your Campaign Audience. Are you targeting the right potential buyers? By now you should have a good understanding of your buyer persona and segmented your contact lists. 

Set SMART goals. Without establishing your Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely (SMART) goals, how will you be able to evaluate the results of your campaign? 

Create your Offer + Landing Page. Have you come up with an attractive offer for your audience? Your Landing Page needs to clearly state the benefits of completing the form (i.e., downloading a valuable resource). 

Nurture using Automation. Have you mapped out what you will do after site visitors convert to leads on your Landing Page? You should have a plan to keep in touch with your leads and help them progress through the three-stage Buyer's Journey (awareness, consideration, decision). 

Blog about it. Your offer is appealing. Help spread the news by writing a post on your blog to introduce your audience to the valuable content they'll find in your offer. 

Spread the word on Social Media. Don't forget to promote your blog post and offer on your social media sites to help drive traffic and generate more leads. 

Make it SEO Friendly. You want your offer to be long-lasting. Make sure your campaign includes long tail keywords so potential leads will find it. 

Track your URLs. Make certain you use tracking links to identify where site traffic is coming from. Your blog? Social media? You need to know. 

After your campaign ends, remember to measure results. How effective was the campaign in comparison to the SMART goals you wrote down at the start? Whatever happens, the results of this campaign will help you plan to accomplish even more in your next campaign. 

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