Social Media Scheduling: How Companies Can Do It Right

With a continued focus on automatic and rapid advancements in technology, organizations are using social media scheduling to enhance the effectiveness of their social media strategies.

Research suggests that people spend almost 2.5 hours (on average) on social media every day. Another study revealed that 79% of internet users are now active on social media and 59% of them use social media daily.

Therefore, automated tools such as social media scheduling are vital to stay on top of your game and find your customers and prospects where they are readily available.

Social media never sleeps, but you do. So instead of getting sleep deprived and putting your life on hold, we highly recommend shifting gears to social media scheduling.

Here’s how to make it work for your organization.

What Is Social Media Scheduling?

Social media scheduling tools can help organizations create social media posts and schedule them days, weeks, or months in advance. These tools allow you to schedule your social media posts on a particular date and time automatically across different social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on.

Not only this but social media tools also comprise advanced features that allow you to measure the performance of your social media posts, track your audience’s activity, identify your top-performing posts, identify trending hashtags and more.

We all know how important social media is to businesses. However, developing social media strategies regularly, creating content and posting it like a machine every day can be daunting. This is where social media scheduling tools fit the picture. They provide you with sufficient time to create engaging and high-quality content for your customers and prospects.

Here are four benefits of social media scheduling for your organization:

Lower Effort, Higher Output. With social media scheduling, you can complete an entire month’s work in a day. Yes, that’s true. You can schedule posts, find relevant images, create videos, develop content, and do a lot more with your social media strategy without worrying about posting now and then. You can schedule all posts in a single large batch.

Consistency Across Multiple Platforms. With social media scheduling, you don’t need to worry about missing posting on any social media platform. Scheduling your social media posts in advance provides you with ample time to ensure you’re covering all the social media platforms where your business has an online presence.

Lesser Distractions. Social media is an abode of distractions. You open it to publish a post and end up checking the latest news. This is where social media sharing tools can eliminate distractions and help you focus on your work. With these tools, you can post on social media without opening the platforms.

Post When Your Followers Are Online. Just because 10:00 am is a convenient time for you doesn’t mean your social media followers are also active at that time. Many social media scheduling tools suggest suitable publishing timelines based on your followers’ activity.

Recommended Social Media Scheduling Tools to Get You Started

Smart and efficient social media scheduling tools can save you time and effort and enhance the effectiveness of your social media strategy.

Here are three social media scheduling tools you can explore to get started:

Post Planner: Post Planner is a cutting-edge, results-driven tool that provides outstanding, focused and measurable results for your business’ social media strategy. It comprises several advanced features that can help you find top-trending posts, memes, and much more. The price plans are also pocket-friendly.

SocialOomph: Social Oomph is one of the most feature-rich social media scheduling tools. It is highly suitable for large teams as multiple associates can use the tool with different accounts. To begin with, you are provided with a 30-day free trial, which comprises all the premium features.

Zoho Social: Zoho Social is popular for providing the best time-based suggestions for publishing social media posts. The publishing planner comprises an excellent user interface and is easy to use. Other compelling features of the tool include automatic bulk scheduling, multichannel marketing, activity logging, keyword tracking, etc.

Social Media Scheduling Tips

  • If you’re planning to use social media scheduling to automate the same post multiple times, tweak the verbiage to make the posts engaging and distinct.
  • Plan your social media content calendar in advance and try targeting time zones suggested by the tools.
  • Find the right balance between automation and manual efforts. Social media scheduling is great for automating posts; however, ensure you respond to your followers in time while keeping the human touch intact.

There are many other good tools to consider, from Buffer to Loomly. If you need help identifying the best platform for your organization, or you are considering outsourcing social media management, please schedule a meeting with us