Tips for Choosing a Content Creation Company

In a recent post we talked about outsourcing content creation and why it’s a good idea versus making the choice to develop all content internally. To ensure that you ultimately deliver quality content to your buyers at all stages in the buying process, you need to choose a content creation company with a proven track record to get things off the ground.

Qualities to Look for When You're Choosing a Content Creation Company

Content creation companies cannot create impactful content without thorough knowledge and understanding of your industry or market. Look for companies that are experienced in the B2B realm and your specific niche. Subject matter expertise is a factor in choosing the right content creation company.

Ideally, you want a content partner who knows the industry and market inside-out, but also has strong relationships with key thought leaders in the industry to make your content more powerful. You don’t want to pay a content creation company and then have to teach them all about your industry or target audience, right? For the company to continually produce top-notch content, they must also keep up with trends in your industry or market.

That said, don’t automatically rule out a talented content creation company if they haven’t worked in your niche. Look at their portfolio to assess their ability to produce quality content for other markets. If you like their style and approach, keep the conversation going. No one develops their expertise overnight. You may find that they are willing to immerse themselves in a new (or relatively new) subject matter – at their own expense – in order to win the program and establish what they anticipate to be a long-term working relationship.  

Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Content Creation Company

Asking appropriate questions during the interviewing process is key to finding the best content creation team for your business. Here are the first two you should ask.

Have you worked for clients in a similar industry or market?

I know -- I just explained why this may not be critical! But you still need to know where they stand in relation to your business and just because you don’t see relevant samples on the content creation company’s website it doesn't mean they haven’t written for your audience. Ask! Or, if you are still at the research stage in your journey, you can look to find the answer to this question in these ways: 

  • Search for online articles or press releases highlighting the content creation company.
  • Check the company’s reviews and ratings on Google, Facebook, and other third-party sites.
  • Request references or see if existing clients have written about their experience with the content creation company. Looking at a company’s existing or former clients is a critical aspect of due diligence.

Can you share examples of content you've created for other clients that was essential to the success of their content strategy?

You cannot rely on a beautiful sales presentation to make an informed decision about hiring a content creation company. In every field you’ll find people who purport to be experts and gurus but they need to back up these claims.

To get a close look into how the content creation company thinks and how they use content to drive results, you need samples of their work. An experienced content creation company will offer or showcase samples of content plans and editorial calendars in addition to content itself in order to demonstrate their understanding of different target audiences and engagement essentials.

Don’t Forget to Check the Content Creation Company’s Web Presence

A content creation company without an up-to-date website is a red flag! How can a content creation company be good at content when they’re not leveraging it for their own business?

Once you’ve gathered relevant information about the content creation companies you’re considering you’ll be ready to evaluate your options. Here’s how: 

  • Verify the information you’ve collected from different sources.
  • Weigh your findings against your requirements and create a rating scale for each company and choose the top contender.

Finally, it can’t hurt to look into whether former employees of the company have shared information about its core competencies, weaknesses, work culture, and reputation in the industry. If there are any negatives, ask about them. If there are only positives, then you should feel comfortable moving forward. 

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