How to Utilize and Take Advantage of B2B Call Tracking

Previously, we discussed call tracking platforms and how they function at various organizations. We also briefly listed why you should use them for your business. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of B2B call tracking platforms in detail.

Call tracking platforms can help deal with a variety of marketing concerns, including keyword research, lead scoring, and lead tracking.

5 Benefits of B2B Call Tracking

Here are five reasons why you should consider using a call tracking platform for your business:

Provides a Complete Picture of Your Marketing ROI

With a call tracking platform, you can identify marketing campaigns that are driving good leads and boosting conversion rates. In simpler words, call tracking platforms push marketing ROI into the limelight. With a clear picture of marketing ROI, your business can make better decisions about where it should invest more. Moreover, when businesses begin tracking at the keyword level, they get smarter about their marketing strategies.

Helps Identify Keywords That Are Generating Leads

Call tracking platforms boost the power of your paid campaigns by identifying keywords that are driving leads and conversions. Some call tracking platforms allow you to use visitor level tracking where each visitor is assigned a unique phone number to help to determine who is calling you and from where. Once a particular visitor’s session is complete, their number is assigned to a new visitor, and so on. This feature helps a great deal in tracking PPC visitors and specific keywords that are driving inbound calls.

Helps Improve Call Experience for Customers

When integrated with a CRM, a call tracking platform can provide you with vital information about your callers. You can track their location, call history, and product/service of interest. You can even determine how they engaged with your business. This information can come in handy to boost the call experience. You can also use these insights to optimize product/service demos, enhance product/service features, schedule sales calls, and more.

Allows You to Track Offline Marketing Channels

Call tracking platforms can help you monitor your offline marketing channels. Instead of asking prospects how they found your business, you can use phone numbers to track offline sources that are driving the calls. This is a useful method of tracking the success of offline marketing efforts, such as radio and TV ads.

Helps You Find Qualified Leads

The call recording and transcribing features typically found in call tracking platforms can help you identify qualified leads. This allows you to focus your efforts, money, and time on effective marketing campaigns.

Top 3 Call Tracking Platforms

Now that you know almost everything about call tracking platforms, let’s look at the top-performing call tracking platforms on the market right now.

CallRail is one of the best call tracking platforms. It can help you fine-tune your marketing efforts to generate better-quality leads and boost conversions. You can make the most of features such as Conversion Intelligence, Call Tracking, and Form Tracking to identify touchpoints throughout the customers’ journeys and make them more effective. The platform also comprises a Lead Center that allows you to connect with customers based on their requirements. You can explore the free trial and then move to the paid version.

CallTrackingMetrics is a comprehensive conversation platform for an impeccable customer experience. The Conversion Tracking feature allows you to track campaigns that are driving leads and conversions. You can also perform keyword-level marketing attribution. The best thing about CallTrackingMetrics is high-level reporting to help you make informed business decisions. You can book a demo, try the platform for free for a month, or purchase the paid plans based on your requirements.

WhatConverts is one of the most user-friendly call tracking platforms out there. It is easy to use and comprises a plethora of features to help you identify marketing campaigns that are driving leads and conversions. This platform allows you to track calls, chats, transactions, form fills, and more to help you optimize your marketing campaigns. You can start with a 14-day free trial and move to the paid plans if you find this platform a good fit for your business.

Common Characteristics of the Best Call Tracking Platforms

Apart from typical features found in call tracking platforms such as call tracking, keyword tracking, and call recording, here are some common qualities of the top three call tracking platforms that we really like:

  • Easy to use - All three call tracking platforms described above are easy to use; even beginner marketers can use them conveniently.
  • Intuitive dashboards - You don’t need to dig for every detail with intuitive dashboards provided by the three call tracking platforms listed above. Ensure you leverage the free trials to test the dashboards thoroughly.
  • CRM integration - All three call tracking platforms integrate beautifully with CRMs to pull relevant details from caller profiles to contact records.

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