LinkedIn Best Practices for B2B Companies

Over the years, LinkedIn has emerged as more than a professional networking platform. Today, LinkedIn is the face of many major B2B brands. Research shows that 46% of the social media traffic to B2B company sites comes from LinkedIn. Your B2B organization needs to be marketing on LinkedIn, and we’ve got the LinkedIn best practices to get you started.

LinkedIn's popularity is still on the rise, with over 600 million active users. It has also excelled in business targeting as B2B companies have tapped into the potential of this professional network for most of their lead generation efforts. If your B2B company has still not explored the potential of LinkedIn for B2B marketing, we strongly recommend that you act now.

Get started today with the LinkedIn best practices below.

Why Should B2B Companies Use LinkedIn?

Even though most social media platforms nowadays are equipped with advanced marketing-friendly features, none can match the potential of LinkedIn when it comes to B2B companies.

According to a study, LinkedIn accounts for 97% of a business' social media leads. Furthermore, launching your first campaign on LinkedIn is easier than on other social media platforms like Facebook, and it assures better lead conversions.

LinkedIn is a great platform to reach wider audiences, improve your B2B brand awareness and visibility, enhance search engine rankings and drive traffic to your B2B company's website.

7 LinkedIn Best Practices for B2B Organizations

Now that you know why LinkedIn can be an asset for your B2B company, here are some quick and clever B2B marketing strategies to grow your leads and conversions.

Create an Informative Company Page

The first step to establishing your LinkedIn presence is creating a company page containing detailed information about your B2B products and services and your company's vision, mission, and career opportunities.

Ensure you include all the information that is necessary and relevant to build connections. You can also share a brief history of your B2B company's top profiles and awards, accolades, or other accomplishments in the company's name.

Know Your Audience Clearly

Remember, your audience can make or break your B2B brand. Understanding your audience's demographics and identifying the type of content they consume can go a long way in generating quality leads. Give your audiences what they want and keep them engaged to build trust.

Talk About Your Products and Services

LinkedIn is a great medium to provide your connections and followers with glimpses of your B2B products and services. You can make the most of LinkedIn by sharing authentic and insightful content surrounding your products/services. Talk about how your B2B products and services are better than your competitors' products and services (without directly bashing them, of course).

Don't Use Your LinkedIn Page Only for Promotions

Some B2B brands only use their LinkedIn profile for marketing their products and services, looking at every connection as a mere number. Instead of using LinkedIn only for promotions, use it to collect customer feedback and hear what they're thinking about your B2B brand, products, and services. Build on that feedback so that they feel valued and trusted.

Make the Most of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads hold great potential to propel your brand's visibility and engagement rates. In addition, you can boost your most engaging LinkedIn posts by investing in ads.

LinkedIn ads can drive a good deal of traffic toward your B2B business and generate greater lead conversions. LinkedIn ads are a type of paid promotion. The returns are usually worth investing in an ad posting. 58% of marketers say that LinkedIn delivers the best value in terms of ad spend.

Collaborate as Groups

One of the most precious possessions of any B2B brand is its contacts and social relations. In the same vein, LinkedIn enables the formation of groups to bring together a network of B2B brands to form a community and a pool of opportunities. These groups can also help you track your competitors' goals.

Include Video Content

If you're building a strategy to create effective LinkedIn posts for your B2B business, don't rely singularly on textual posts. Social media users pay more attention to visual than strictly textual posts. Post short videos or clips to keep your audiences hooked to your B2B brand. Research shows that video posts gain 4 - 5x more engagement than only text-based posts.

Lastly, don't limit the videos to your products and services. Instead, consider posting videos featuring your team members and customers to build transparency and a better connection with your audiences.