How A Google My Business Page Enhances Your Local Search Marketing

There are literally billions of searches on Google every day. Are you being found? Organic SEO tactics and local search marketing campaigns are great, but they take time and effort. Google Ads can give you a nice boost, but unless you’re willing and able to spend enough money to ensure you’re at the top of every internet search, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising may not help much.

But there’s another option that can drastically affect your local search marketing and SEO, and it’s something a lot of companies aren't capitalizing on: a Google My Business page.

Google My Business is one of the most effective and relevant digital touchpoints to boost local SEO, improve your online presence, and solicit customer reviews. It doesn’t matter if you’re a B2B company or a local brick-and-mortar store, a Google My Business page will benefit you.

But We’re a B2B Company Serving Businesses Across the Country. Why Should We Care About Local Search Marketing?

With a Google My Business page, your company's name, address, and phone number will be prominently listed online whenever someone searches for you. It also gives you a platform for customers to easily leave feedback, which will enhance your credibility. With a comprehensive Google My Business page, prospects and customers can easily access your business information and existing customer reviews and ratings. They can also contact you directly from the page.

Google My Business is Important for Mobile Users

Mobile search is dominant among all customers, B2B included. Bottom line, you’re still dealing with people who are using their mobile devices to check social media, access emails, or use Google search. Research shows that 75% of customers begin their customer journey on a mobile device, and they’re looking for immediate satisfaction. Adding your business listing to Google My Business makes it easy to show up on their mobile devices.

Google is very powerful and you can harness its power if you do it right. Google My Business is accessible around the world and it is designed for businesses to communicate with their customers and share information.

5 Tips to Create an Impactful Google My Business Page

Follow these tips to make sure your Google My Business page showcases your company to potential customers in the right way.

  1. Find the Relevant Categories. Once you create a Google My Business page, you’ll get an option to pick from a list of categories that are relevant to your business. Make sure you choose the categories that your clients are in and will be searching for.
  2. Pick the Appropriate Service Areas. Provide Google with information on the areas you service to showcase you in the relevant search results. A simple way to do that is to list your business address and then a wide service radius of about 25-55 miles. Even better, you can list your service areas by mentioning city names or zip codes on your Google My Business page. There’s no upper limit, so you can add as many city names and zip codes as you like.
  3. Add Search Engine Optimized Photos to the Page. Having photos relevant to your business on your Google My Business page is a good way to promote your business and give it a professional look. Just like your website, the image alt tags on your Google My Business page can also come in handy. Name the images with relevant keywords, phrases, and locations to show up quickly in search results.
  4. Gain an Edge with Google Reviews. Google reviews are one of the most important review sources for local SEO. These reviews will show up on the top of search results and your Google My Business page and will draw customers to choose you over your competitors. So, the more Google reviews you solicit from existing customers, the better your chances will be of ranking high on Google searches.
  5. Leverage Google Posts. A quick way to gain visibility without investing in paid campaigns is through Google posts. You can create posts on your Google My Business page to promote events or simply talk about your projects and services. These posts will get displayed on the right side of the Google Search result page under your company details when someone searches for your business or a relevant keyword present in the content of the post.

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