Should Your Sales Processes Include Automated SMS?

Today, many buyers prefer receiving texts vs. phone calls. It’s why so many sales teams are using automated text messages (automated SMS) to communicate with both prospective and existing customers.

If you aren’t an SMS user, you may be surprised to learn that SMS open rates are as high as 98%. SMSs even have a 209% better response rate than Facebook, email, and voice messages. If your business isn’t leveraging this underrated communication channel to draw prospective customers and keep existing customers engaged, you should be.

6 Benefits of Automated SMS in Sales

Here are 6 reasons why you should incorporate automated SMS in your sales process:

Automated Text Messages Are Delivered Quickly

Automated SMS sent to prospects and existing customers are delivered instantly. 60% of consumers say they read an SMS within five minutes of receiving it. Also, you can schedule the release of text messages in the case of time-bound activities such as limited time offers, sales, and events.

62% of businesses say the delivery speed is the most significant benefit of automated text messages. Plus, unlike emails, automated SMS does not land into the recipients’ spam folder. There is no “spam folder” on smart phones!

Automated Text Messages Can Be More Personalized

Automated SMS can be more personal than other modes of communication, which means you can leverage the technology to build trust with your audience. Once a prospect becomes a buyer, you can continue sending automated SMS messages to boost customer loyalty. When used tactfully, automated SMS can play a critical role in improving your business’ growth.

You can send customers personalized text messages for:

  • The anniversary of the date they first purchased your products/services
  • Their birthday
  • Event invitations
  • Special offers/sales
  • Requests for ratings and reviews

Automated Text Messages Save Effort and Time

With automated SMS, you can save both your team’s effort and time. You can plan ahead and schedule messages in advance. Some examples of fully-automated SMS campaigns include:

  • Appointment confirmations and reminders after customers book an appointment
  • Welcome SMS for new customers/buyers
  • Registration confirmation for product demos/events
  • Announcements of discounts and sales

Automated Text Messages Ensure Your Sales Team is on the Same Page

SMS software will enable your entire sales team to get complete visibility into where each lead or customer is in the sales cycle. This ensures they can stay aligned on the current status of any contact, whether it’s a customer or lead.

Automated Text Messages Can Be Tracked Easily

Most texting platforms allow you to track automated text messages using comprehensive analytics dashboards. So, you can easily check who has opened your messages and how many links they’ve clicked. Some platforms also have a native integration with CRM tools and store the SMS open/click activity in CRM records.

Automated Text Messages Help in Achieving a Higher ROI

The total cost of incorporating automated text messages in your sales workflow will depend on the number of messages you are planning to send and your messaging provider. The average cost of sending automated text messages is between $30 and $100 every month for approximately 1,000 messages. Since 98% of the recipients open those messages, you are reaching each of them for a few cents.

5 Popular Automated SMS Tools

Now that you know the benefits of using automated SMS in your sales process, here are five widely-used automated text messaging tools you can consider:

Kixie is one of the most sought-after sales engagement tools on the market right now. The most compelling features of Kixie are the intelligent auto-dialing and automated text messaging features that can be integrated with your existing CRM. (We also appreciate their US-based customer support.)

EZTexting is also one of the most popular names in the marketing and sales SMS space. The platform comprises a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Currently, over 160,000 businesses are using EZTexting’s SMS services to reach their leads and customers. Some of the most interesting features of EZTexting are drip campaigns, keyword usage, and picture messages.

TextMagic is great for sending automated SMS messages – announcements, confirmations, and reminders, for example -- in bulk. Other notable features of this tool are two-way SMS’s, email to SMS capabilities, advanced analytics dashboards, and a 918-character limit for text messages.

SimpleTexting provides automated text message services to all kinds of businesses. With SimpleTexting, you can schedule automated messages per your convenience, set up text-for-info keywords, send out-of-office messages, and more. You can also integrate over 1,000 popular apps with this platform.

SlickText is one of the most user-friendly automated text messaging services out there. Even beginners can use it without any hassles. This automated text messaging platform provides you with a free mobile app and several SMS automation options. You also get one-to-one help to set up your account.

If you have questions about incorporating automated SMS programs into your sales/marketing processes, please reach out!